2012 ICF Global Study

Over 12,000 coaches representing 117 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America participated in the 2012 ICF Global Study commissioned by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Key statistics include:

  • The profession of coaching is growing, with an estimated 47,500 professional coaches generating close to $2 billion (USD) in annual revenue/income.
  • The total number of coaches that were actively coaching clients (87 percent) generated an average of $47,000 USD for coaching services alone, in addition to other services they might offer.
  • Using an average model of coaching, coaches were making $498 per client per month (based on the model of four 30-minute sessions per month).
  • Coaches are looking confidently to the future, with expectations over the next 12 months of increasing demand (clients and sessions) leading to growth in annual revenue and income from coaching.


  • “The study shows that people everywhere are turning to professional coaching for the positive difference it can make in their lives and communities,” said ICF President and Master Certified Coach Janet M. Harvey.
  • Amidst the current global financial crisis, coaches everywhere are still seeing an increase in clients and coaching generated income,” explained Harvey. “What is also especially encouraging, results show that these current trends are expected to rise even more.”
  • According to responses, nearly 60 percent of coaches said they had experienced an increase in clients. Data also shows increases in the amount of coaching sessions being given and in the annual income received from coaching services.
  • Coaching is an extremely powerful tool that many of today’s leaders and entrepreneurs are adding to their professional services.

Note: This Global Study was based on the industry of coaching in general. Health Coaching is the fastest growing niche market in all of coaching. To find out more about Health Coaching, click here.

To view the complete Executive Summary of the 2012 ICF Global Study, click here.