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Dr. Mehmet Oz recently told the US Senate we need Health Coaches. And in a CNN interview, Dr. Mehmet Oz reported that health coaches should be a part of every public clinic, medical office and hospital wellness center and should be reimbursed by insurance companies & corporate wellness programs.

“Coaches are prepared and ready to help you with your lifestyle goals in a way that doctors are not. As a doctor, I prescribe a coach.” Peter J. Weiss, MD FACP

“When athletes want a competitive edge, they hire a private coach to monitor their progress. When it comes to your health, using this mindset could also be beneficial.” Dr. Andrew Weil

“People aren’t always eager to sign up for coaching, and in some cases might only do so to get a financial reward they’ve been offered. But they often find that the coach turns out to be a real asset who helps motivate them to get healthy,” said Dr. Douglas Metz in the book, Healthy Employees, Healthy Business 2nd Edition.

Professional Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry according to the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers. “Amidst the current global financial crisis, coaches everywhere are still seeing an increase in clients and coaching generated income,” explained ICF Global President, Janet M. Harvey.

August 5, 2013: Croakey, The Crikey Health Blog
Telephone coaching – a new study highlights its benefits (and costs)
-By Jennifer Doggett

September 14, 2012: Irish Medical Times
Coaching patients to health
-By admin

July 23, 2012:
An Alaska Company Losing The Obesity Game Calls In Health Coaches
-By Annie Feidt, Alaska Public Radio

July 4, 2012:
Health Coaching Dramatically Lowers Patients’ Systolic Blood Pressure
-By Sheri Porter

February 28, 2012:
Health coaches can change your playbook 
-By Kristen Gerencher

January 26, 2012:
Coaching employees to keep healthy 
-By Dr. Brenda Wright, Dr. Saul Quint and Dr. Neil Gordon

January 2, 2012:
Are you ready for wellness coaching? 
-By Jan Brogan

December 29, 2011:
Best Small Businesses To Start In 2012 
-By Laurie Kulikowski

November 23, 2011: AARP Bulletin
Keep Fit at Work 
-By Susan Kreimer

November 15, 2011:
Looking to Lose Weight? Get a ‘Coach’ 
-By kathleen Doheny, healthday reporter

October 26, 2011: PR Newswire
Health Coaching Highlighted as Key to Management of Chronic Disease

September 26, 2011:
When it Comes to Americans’ Health, Actions Don’t Speak Louder than Words 
-By Kiran Ganda

August 22, 2011: The Hartford Courant
CIGNA Health Management Program Reduces Disability Claims 
-By Matthew Sturdevant

August 13, 2011:
Bosses to employees: Shape up or pay up
-By Francine Knowles

June 27, 2011:
BlueCross BlueShield aims to create culture shift toward healthy living
-By Chloé Morrison

May 2, 2011:
Prevention wins momentum via health care law
-By Kathleen Koster

February 18, 2011: O, The Oprah Magazine
Do You Need a Health Coach? Pointers from the Pros
-By Meryl Davids Landau

December 10, 2010:
Why Health Coaching Will Create American Jobs
-By Michael Roizen, M.D.

November 1, 2010:
Coaches can help with lifestyle goals in a way that doctors cannot
-By Peter J. Weiss, MD, FACP

September/October, 2010:
Health Coaching for Patients With Chronic Illness
-By Heather D. Bennett, MD, Eric A. Coleman, MD, MPH, Carla Parry, PhD, MSW, Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, MPH, and Ellen H. Chen, MD

September 24, 2010:
Research Update: Health Coaching “Pays for Itself”
-By Mark Joyella

September 22, 2010:
Study: Broader Telephone-Based Health Coaching May Save Money
-By Katherine Hobson

November 15, 2009: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Most Companies Stick With Wellness Programs
-By David Markiewicz (Featuring Renzie Richardson, Health Coach Training Graduate)

June 16, 2009: USA TODAY
Cost-Conscious Companies Re-evaluate Wellness Programs
-By Laura Petrecca

June 14, 2009: The Wall Street Journal Online
Get Well, or Pay Not To
-By Jilian Mincer

March 10, 2009: Johns Hopkins Medicine
Is Weight Loss a Phone Call Away?
-By Margaret Furtado, M.S., R.D.

February 13, 2009: BusinessWeek
How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business
-By Jill Hamburg Coplan

September 9, 2008: Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters Study Says Telephone Health Coaching
Reduces Health Risks

July 31, 2008:
‘Wellness’ a Healthy Investment for Company
-By David S. Martin

June 2, 2008: NEWSWEEK
How to Get a Leg Up for Fitness
-By Christina Gillham

March 6, 2008:
On the Other End of the Line, Discipline
-By Brad Melekian

March 4, 2008: KUSA*TV
Companies investing in keeping employees healthy
-By Simone Wilkinson, Reporter

November 30 , 2007:
Wellness Programs Keep Workers and Businesses Healthy 
-Employer Resource Center

November 9 , 2007:
Help Wanted: Health Coach 
-By Joseph Hart

October 22, 2007:
Wellness Coaching – The New Hourly Pay Boom For Wellness Coaches
-By Roslyn J. Randle

October 7, 2007: Tribune Media Services
Bone up on your health plan options
-By Carolyn Bigda

October 7, 2007: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Companies increasing healthy living assistance for employees to curb costs 
-By Marcia Heroux Pounds

September 10, 2007:
Health coaches help workers, save companies cash 
-By Harry Wessel

September 7, 2007:
Employers making room for health promotion in workplace: Incentives,
support yield health results

-By Kim Krisberg

July 26, 2007:
Health coaches nag employees to better care
-By Bertha Coombs

May 26, 2007: San Diego Union Tribune
Teaming up for health 
-By Keith Darcé

February 26, 2007:
Get Healthy-Or Else
-By John Byrne & Michelle Conlin

November 9, 2006: MarketWatch
Health Coaches Aim to Ease Treatment Decisions
-By Kristen Gerencher

August 3, 2006:
Surprising Six-Figure Jobs
-By Tom Van Riper

May 30, 2006:
Life Coaching To Lose Weight
-By Susan Yara

May 10, 2006:
The life-coaching way to ensure youngsters shine
-By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

January 6, 2006: Manila Bulletin
Life coaching: Becoming a new you for the New Year
-By Dr. Randy Dellosa

August 8, 2005: USA TODAY
Wellness programs may save you money in the long run
-By Steve Strauss

October 24, 2004:
It’s the modern world, so don’t get a life: get a life coach
-By Jamie Doward

December 5, 2000: MetroWest Daily News
Hippest new trend is personal motivators
-By Heather Anderson

October 16, 2000:
The (Un)Therapists
-By Wendy Cole/Columbus