Become A Health Coach

Our 11-Module Professional Online Health Coach Training Program® provides everything you need to create a thriving Coaching Practice, no matter your experience or where you are located.

Students in our Online Health Coach Training Program® learn the following…

1. The Skills of Professional Coaching

You will learn the core skills of professional coaching including four models of coaching:

  1. Individual/One-On-One Coaching
  2. Group Coaching
  3. Corporate Coaching

All models of coaching incorporate the concept of Cooperative Coaching™ pioneered by The Online Health Coach Training Program® Co-founder Hilton Johnson. In developing this model, we started with our philosophy, definition of coaching and ethical standards.

We coach in a way that empowers our client because we believe that the client is the expert in the coaching relationship and has natural gifts and talents that allow him/her to solve many if not all of his/her problems. We believe that coaching is a cooperative partnership wherein the client chooses the focus and the coach listens, observes and ask questions that help the client clarify, focus and choose small manageable steps to shift them ever closer to their goals and enhanced quality of life.

Our Cooperative Coaching™ Model starts with the Basic Coaching Model that asks a series of seven questions that are intended to create emotion to get the client thinking and visualizing which will draw them/propel them toward taking small manageable action steps while receiving support and being held accountable.

Over the course of this 11-module program, we spend time looking at different methods of coaching including individual, group, corporate and virtual. Each method is unique and offers clients and coaches different benefits. Our initial focus is on learning the fundamentals as they apply to individual coaching and then we begin to look at the other methods.

2. Specialized Coaching in Health and Wellness

Students learn the fundamentals of various aspects of health and wellness and how to customize these concepts to the individual client. The curriculum includes classes on Reducing Stress, Managing Weight, Smoking Cessation, Exercise, Eating Healthier, Coping with Chronic Health Conditions and how to make other health related behavioral changes based on proven scientific models.

Health Coaching is intended to help people make and adhere to meaningful lifestyle changes through the development of a supportive relationship that can help to facilitate behavior change and attain goals. We focus on the health of the whole person which includes physical health but also meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, positive energy, spirituality and balance.

People want to be more in control of their health but they may not have the resources, information, or professional guidance to be successful,” said Jan Maurer, MD, Vice President & Medical Director, Health Dialog. “We believe health coaching is a critical and proven part of the solution and can help people change their lifestyles to improve their health. A Health Coach can help people understand and overcome barriers to healthy behaviors. Our goal is to help people gain the skills and motivation they need to fit health into their day to day priorities.”

3. Marketing By Attraction®

The best trained coach will go broke without the ability to attract and keep paying clients. Marketing By Attraction is our proven system for attracting coaching clients that is conversational, non-threatening and comfortable both for the coach and for the prospective client.

You will create unique and compelling ways to introduce yourself as a coach that put prospective clients into a moment of benefit, making your coaching practice almost irresistible. And, you will learn how to deliver a “coaching experience” for potential prospects so they see for themselves what you offer is a better way of accomplishing their goals than what they are currently doing.

Professional Health Coaching can be a career in itself as coaches can earn $300 or more per hour with very little start-up cost or overhead.

Health Coaching can also be used as a way to add value to an existing business. For example, if you market health and wellness products or you are a medical practitioner, personal fitness trainer, massage therapist, chiropractor, nurse, owner of a spa or fitness club, etc., Health Coaching can help you generate leads, build relationships and add overall value to your existing business.

Discover if Health Coaching is the right path for you.

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