Online Health Coach Training Program® – Curriculum

Below are the core curriculum classes for the 11-module Online Health Coach Training Program®.

This program consists of 44 hour long audio training classes with a printable guide for each class.

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Module 1

1. The Gremlin and Self-Management – You will learn how the inner critic impacts both coaches and clients alike. Then you will discover how to break through the barriers that hold us back allowing both coaches and clients to take control and capitalize on their natural gifts and talents.

2. The Basic Coaching Model – You will learn the four most important components of coaching and a simple seven-step coaching model to get you coaching almost immediately.

3. Impact Listening – You will learn how to listen on such a deep level that you will be able to hear what your client is not telling you as well as what they are.

4. Empowering Questions – You will learn the art of asking questions that will deepen the coaching relationship and have so much emotional impact that it gets your clients think ing and moving forward into positive action.

Module 2

5. StageCoaching For Change Part 1 – You will learn how to combine the nine psychological processes for change and a six stage system of change that will create a formula for helping your clients overcome undesirable behaviors.

6. Clarifying Values and Goals – You will learn how to help your clients clarify their values and goals then utilize their strengths to create more fulfilling lives.

7. Designing the Coach-Client Relationship (The Intake) – You will learn how to conduct a “discovery session” with your client and that sets the tone for your coaching alliance and the entire coaching process.

8. Demonstrating “The Coaching Experience” (The Wheel) – You will learn a powerful and compelling yet non threatening visual sales presentation that helps your potential clients see for themselves the value of Health Coaching.

Module 3

9. The Ideal Sales Model – You will learn a proven 11-step formula for creating your own ideal sales model to sell your coaching practice.

10. Pre-Sell Marketing – This is a unique marketing process for pre-selling one or more potential Health Coaching clients via a company sponsored conference/webinar event prior to the coach demonstrating and explaining his or her personalized coaching program.

11. Energy Sappers – You will learn how to help your clients eliminate the things that sap their natural energy and how to replace those things with things that will attract abundance, joy and great opportunities into their lives with this newfound energy.

12. Establishing Trust and Intimacy – You will learn how to create an environment where your clients really open up to you – clients will discuss things with you that they will not discuss with anyone else.

Module 4

13. Managing Progress and Accountability – You will learn simple but powerful tools to help you monitor and manage client progress and ho ld your clients accountable.

14. The Nuts & Bolts of Starting a New Business – You will discover the importance of creating your own “team” of experts to create and maintain the business of your dreams. We will also discuss the practical basics such as setting up your home office.

15. Niche Selection – Find and Follow Your Passion – You cannot be all things to all people. You will learn how to define your coaching niche, making people more likely to believe that the specific coaching service you offer is worthy of their investment.

16. Creating Your Business Plan – The Funnel Of Trust – You will learn how to create a step-by-step blueprint for filling your coaching practice and fulfilling your income goals.

Module 5

17. Creating Your Coaching Program – Learn how to develop, create, package, price and promote your own coaching program. This will enable you to secure clients quicker and achieve the success level you seek in your coaching practice.

18. Setting and Raising Your Coaching Fees – You will learn how to create a range of coaching fees that is right for you to attract more clients and increase profitability.

19. Marketing Products and Services With Coaching – You will learn a 3-step formula for marketing yo ur products and services with coaching, thus creating new and compelling ways of introducing your products and services to prospects and adding the professional credibility of coaching to your business.

20. Business Cards, Flyers & Brochures – You will learn how to create print media that attracts the right clients to you and a six-step formula to leverage your time as you get coaching demonstrations while putting your marketing materials into the right hands.

Module 6

21. Marketing By Attraction® – Coaching Introductions – You will create unique and compelling ways to introduce yourself as a coach that put prospective clients into a moment of benefit, making your coaching practice almost irresistible.

22. TeleClasses, TeleSeminars & Webinars – You will learn how to develop different types of group coaching models that will allow you to leverage your time in helping people, building community, enhancing your one-on-one coaching and earning a significant income.

23. Virtual Group Coaching – You will learn how to create engaging and interactive groups and how to generate additional income streams using different group coaching models.

24. Pro-Active Health – You will learn the three P’s of being a health and wellness professional and the six basic steps to getting your clients to become pro-active about their health.

Module 7

25. Achieving Balance – You will learn how to help your clients increase the pleasure, meaning and flow in their lives, resulting in a more pleasant, full and engaging life that is in balance.

26. Understanding and Managing Stress – You will learn the impact of stress on our health and strategies, techniques and formulas for helping your clients identify the underlying causes of stress and how to manage, cope withand eliminate any stress in their lives.

27. The Importance of an Active Lifestyle – You will learn how to help your clients recognize the importance an active lifestyle plays in their overall health and how to get your clients to begin to take steps toward a more active and healthy lifestyle.

28. Coaching and Nutrition – You will learn about your role as a coach in helping your clients improve their health by making steps toward implementing good nutrition in their lives.

 Module 8

29. The Attraction Class – You will learn everything you need to know about creating a free sample of the coaching program(s) you offer and how to get prospects joining your group coaching programs.

30. Public Speaking and Training – Learn everything you need to know about promoting and filling your coaching practice through public speaking and creating multiple streams of income.

31. Social Media Marketing – Discover how to acquire paying clients using a benefit-oriented marketing system utilizing social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

32. Prospecting for Clients – You will learn how to identify people who want to improve their health and wellness, get them to request more information about your coaching services and offer them a free demonstration or presentation.

Module 9

33. Coaching for Small Businesses – You will learn a simple formula for calling on small businesses and getting their endorsement for you to present your coaching services to their group thus leveraging your time.

34. Creating Strategic Alliances – Learn everything you need to know about creating strategic alliances with centers of influence who will endorse you and your services to their client base-one of the quickest and easiest ways to fill your practice. You in turn can introduce their products and services to your client base thus creating multiple streams of income for yourself.

35. Advanced SBA 1: Information Gathering – You will learn all you need to know about delivering a powerful and compelling coaching demonstration/presentation.

36. Advanced SBA 2: The Coaching Experience – Learn how to deliver a “coaching experience” for potential prospects during your demonstration so they see for themselves what you offer is a better way of accomplishing their goals than what they are doing.

Module 10

37. Advanced SBA 3: How My Coaching Works – You will learn demonstration strategies that will show potential clients how they will benefit by being a part of your coaching program and having you as their coach.

38. Advanced SBA 4: Closing and Forwarding the Action – You will learn how to eliminate stalls and objections before they come up and enroll more clients into your coaching practice.

39. StageCoaching For Change Part 2 – You will learn how to identify the stage your client is in and how to start the process of moving your client forward.

40. The Skill of Presence – You will learn simple yet powerful coaching techniques to increase presence with your coaching clients thus deepening the coaching relationship and coaching experience.

Module 11

41. Empowering With Messaging – You will learn specific coaching skills to empower your clients and acknowledge them for who they really are, thus allowing them to move forward and make shifts in meaningful ways with profound results.

42. Intuition and Curiosity – You will discover the importance of intuition and curiosity in coaching and how to access and develop these skills in your coaching.

43. Coaching Tools and Skills – You will learn additional coaching skills to make you a well-rounded coach and give the utmost benefit to your clients.

44. Coaching Ethics – Creating a solid ethical foundation for your coaching services will enable you to keep clients for life and build a referral coaching practice.

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