Private Tutoring/Coaching

Private Tutoring/Coaching is an optional personalized coaching program. Your coach will work with you to help you move forward in the program, create personalized business models for building a full and successful coaching practice, get your business up and running or advance it to the next level. We have found that this program is most helpful to students who may need encouragement, support, and accountability to stay on track with the curriculum or need help making their business plan a reality. If you wish to focus your private sessions on health & wellness, that is also an option. Enrollment in the Online Health Coach Training Program® is required prior to joining the Private Tutoring/Coaching Program. If you plan on applying for Certification, Private Tutoring/Coaching is mandatory for a minimum of 10 hours.

Here are the main features:

  • Two private one hour coaching sessions by phone each month
  • E-mail contact with your coach up to three times each month
  • Access to the CoachTrainer website resource area for additional one year, which may be important to you as you continue to work toward certification (one year Private TutoringCoaching membership fulfillment is required)
  • Fee: $300 per month (One year agreement with 30-day written cancellation notice rights after 120- days)

If you would like more information or if you would like to obtain an enrollment application for the Private Tutoring/Coaching Program, please contact our main office at 954-563-4598.


Once you have successfully completed the Online Health Coach Training Program® you may apply for certification.

Certification Requirements:

  • Complete the Certification Application
  • Sign the “Code of Ethics” acknowledgement
  • Minimum of 100 coaching hours which are required to include:
    • 10 hours of mentor coaching with a qualified instructor (this requirement must be satisfied with the Private Tutoring/Coaching Program)
    • 75 hours of paid coaching*
  • 30 minute oral examination
  • Fee: $250

*Complete description of coaching hour requirements and required documents will be provided with Certification Application.

The Certification Program is not affiliated with any other institution, coach organization, university or government agency. The Certification is based upon the student being competent in coaching skills.