Mona Boyes is a truly gifted teacher and Health Coach. I feel very fortunate that I chose to work with a personal coach, and more fortunate that it was Mona, that was chosen for me to work with. I cannot imagine doing the online training without the help of one on one sessions with a personal coach. The experience was made complete by the deeper sense of learning first hand what it is like to be coached. I would highly recommend that any student who signs up for this program to implement the opportunity of working with a personal coach provided by HealthCoachTraining.

Jennie S.Glendale, CA

As an astrologer, the client wants me to give direction. With coaching we are drawing the goal from the client. What I learned in our classes has changed my style of interaction to one of deeper listening and more sensitive responses to what I hear from either type of client. My astrology clients have noticed the differences and have let me know in subtle ways if not as a direct comment. The classes have been very worthwhile and cost effective in my opinion.

Richard N, DeltaCO

I am within a month of finishing this course and I wanted to tell you how happy I have been with the program. I have some new Health Coaching Clients and I am starting to apply what I have learned. I can really see we have learned – A LOT! It is amazing to me how much is included in this course. Now that I have come full circle, the pieces are fitting together and the value of every module is becoming clear. I am certain that by applying what I have learned and by continued application of the lessons, the information in this course will continue to prove its value for years to come.

Debbie R, MurrietaCA

Just want to say how helpful the class was on Social Media Marketing and how easy he made it seem to take those baby steps to get going in using social media tools. It was a revealing learning experience for me. And perhaps unexpectedly, he reinforced how we, the coach, are the brand. The classes are adding up to a string of pearls long enough to wrap around me ten fold.

Sam G, WashingtonTownship, NJ

As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I would see the same people over and over with the same issues over and over. Learning how to be a Health Coach has enabled me to help my clients learn how to help themselves so that when they come to see me as a Massage Therapist we can move forward in their treatment. My one pearl was the business aspect of this course. I have worked many years self-employed but have never considered myself as a business person. The knowledge I have gleaned about running a business has strengthened me so that I will no longer be constantly running myself down while trying to help others. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this knowledge available to others.

Jan S, GrandviewMB, Canada

I REALLY appreciate the value of our class content. It is rare to train for a skill or craft and have it accompanied by such savoir faire at the marketing level.You ROCK!

Linda D, LeavenworthWA

I enjoyed The HealthCoachTraining Program! My favorite part was the Selling By Attraction. Learning how to ask basic qualifying questions has helped me tremendously by saving time for people who really want to enjoy my services. Hilton Johnson is a genius in designing such an all inclusive program of not only learning to be a health coach but to market our program too. Thanks Hilton for sharing your marketing skills and creativity!

Cynthia A, ManchesterNH